Plants I Have Killed

Water Lily

All my water lillies.  I let them dry up and threw them out.  That was a heart breaker, but necessary.  Someday I hope to grow them again, when I have a water garden.  Repeat after me:  a koi pond is not a water garden.  A koi pond is not a water garden...

Pittosporum 'Golf Ball'.  Twice, at sixteen dollars a pop.  Plus tax.   

Rosa 'Sexy Rexy'.  I should have kept it.  No one would ever believe how badly it rusted without seeing it with their own eyes. 

Any and all Saxifrages, and yes, I should never have tried in the first place. 

Lithodora 'Grace Ward', many times.  What the heck does that plant want, anyway?  Darn blue flowers! 

As many Washintonia robusta seedlings as I can possibly yank. It's war.

Misty Morning Silhouette

Aloe polyphylla, of course.  Who hasn't?

Raoulia australis.  How could I pass up a plant named Raoul?  And then I killed Raoul. 

Scleranthus biflorus.  Twice.  Darn it. 

Lillium 'Casablanca'.  I get two or three years out of them.  The lone survivor is back for a sixth year, but I think this may be its last.  Still...gotta have them.  See why?

Lily 'Casablanca'

Craspedia globosa.  That one hurt.  A lot.

Clematis 'Josephine'.  That one hurt, too.
Clematis 'Josephine'

Rosa 'La Reine', which I yanked out three times and it came back again, so I let it stay even though its growing out of the middle of a boxwood hedge.

Ceanothus 'Snow Drift'.  Hey, the flowers were white, not blue, so it's okay.  

Every Heuchera there is.  Then I buy more, and kill those, too. 

Cymbidiums--eleven months of ugly with a one-month reprieve.  It was a phase.  I'm over it.

Not enough Gladiolas 

Campanula poscharskyana, and it was a pleasure.


  1. hilarious! i have a list a mile long of plant i've killed, too...and i'm also over cymbidiums. what did they ever do for me? ;)


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