The Dahlia That Won't Die


I can't even remember the name of this one.  I keep digging it out, and  it keeps coming back.  I  keep digging it out because it overwhelms a 'Pure Poetry' rose and  Clematis 'Asao', which is struggling.  When the  Dahlia first starts blooming I like it, but then it proceeds to overwhelm everything around it, flops all over, and gets itself mildewy and chewed.  If I was more organized I  would move it to another spot, which come to think of  it there's a good place down by the  pergola, but perhaps down there it would start overwhelming Clematis 'Polish Spirit', and  I'd  be digging it out of two spots every year instead of one. 

If it was a Dahlia I particularly adored, I probably couldn't keep it alive no  matter what I did.  



  1. I have a dahlia like that. I thought I'd dug out all the tuber bits (which I had chopped up in a murderous rage at one point) and then the bugger popped out again & is the healthiest dahlia I've got. The colours are so boring too: pale anemic yellow & white. Eck.


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