A Cheap Plant Festival, Caffiene-Fueled

Such a deal!
Aloe 'Silver Ridge' label

I drank a half-caff instead of a decaf Mocha this morning.  As a result, I buzzed through the garden at quite a productive clip today.  On the way back from coffee, we stopped at a local plant sale for charity, and picked up three new tomato plants, a 'Mesa' Gaillardia, and a "lemon scented rose variegated geranium" (pelargonium)  for two dollars apiece.  Nice!

These pelargoniums are so lovely when well and properly grown, but scruffy-looking otherwise.  I wonder if I can do it justice.  I fear I may simply produce another scruffy plant.

Scented "Geranium":
Scented "Geranium" (Pelargonium)

I've decided to try a few late summer tomatoes, to see how they perform.  By the calendar, we still have at least two months of the year's hottest weather ahead, which should be enough to get some fruit from these plants.  The tomatoes and Gaillardia are in the ground, well watered, and I'm still pondering where to put the pelargonium.

I also had the energy to plant an alleged Agave guiengola--half-caff will do that.  Full-caff and all I do is bounce off walls and ceilings and talk very, very fast. 

I'm not totally sure it's A. guiengola--the leaves seem narrower than they should be.  Time will tell, but as long as it isn't an Agave americana that ends up ten feet (3 m) across (I'm fairly sure it is not), then I'm satisfied.  At the end of July it was half price at the local college arboretum plant stand.  They close down for August, and so were highly interested in getting rid of everything.  A good deal at $3.50.

A slightly battered Agave guiengola, allegedly:
Agave guiengola

Even better was the clump of Aloe 'Silver Ridge' we picked  up this afternoon from the Lowe's death (clearance) rack for $1.24.  There was only one, and I grabbed it.  That was a fantastic deal.  I've been wanting one of these Kelly Griffin small hybrid Aloes, but the prices had put me off up to now.  Silly how I am happy about my bargain plants when I bought that expensive cup of coffee.  Well that's a human being for you. We're endlessly ironic. 

Aloe 'Silver Ridge', slightly beat up, but quite a buy nonetheless:
Aloe 'Silver Ridge'

While I was planting the Agave, I had a look at my bargain Aloe greatheadii.  It was half off this spring at a different local college plant sale.  No one seemed to want it because it was a rather distressing shade of greyish peach (Gee!  Wonder why!).  There was actually one main plant and five pups in the pot.  Two of the pups were coming out of the bottom drain holes--another selling feature.  Although the smallest pup has vanished, five plants remain and are growing and healthy.  This Aloe was described as "desirable only for its five foot flower spikes, as the plant itself is not worth looking at".  This description is something of  a surprise, as it seems worth looking at to me.  I like the spots.  Perhaps our cool summer has optimized its beauty.

Aloe greatheadii:
Aloe greatheadii

Aloe greatheadii, no longer greyish peach:
Aloe greatheadii

I marveled at being able to walk around and plant things at mid-day in August without fainting from the heat.  There was a breeze, cool and gossamer as a silk scarf.  It was lovely out there. 


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