Double Squill Thrill And Molineux

Rosa 'Molineux' had no trouble with the heat:
Rosa 'Molineux' 

Urginea maritima was fine, too:
Urginea maritima

The Giant White Squill,  Urginea maritima, native to Crete, is a couple of weeks earlier than last year, and the big bulb has split in two, meaning two flowers, and two clusters of twisty foliage, instead of one.  The easiest plant in the garden:  pull off the dried flower stalk in October, clear away the dead foliage in June, and you are done.  No water required. 

The blast of heat the past three days kept me inside.  

Under the blazing blue sky:
Double Squills


  1. Thank you for this site. It gets me happy about plants and not giving up. I'm originally form Crete, but now I'm trying to make a beautiful garden in Santa Paula. If anyone is near by and can help, let me know.

  2. Hi Rita, glad you like the blog!

    Also if you've not found it already, try having a look at the California forum on gardenweb, there are some very experienced gardeners there. You might want to use a Firefox browser with adblock for the site, as they can have some annoying pop-up ads at times, otherwise a good resource!


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