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Unlucky Day Lily

Yesterday was a certain daylily's unlucky Friday the 13th...I dug it up.  'Butterscotch Ruffles' produced hundreds of flowers, all of them small and undistinguished, and  of an unpleasant brownish yellow color that would normally be found in a diaper.  What's worse than a small, undistinguished flower?  Lots and lots of them.  I finally couldn't take it any more.  Out.  Mr. Shovel was happy!

Empty Spot

So,  now I've got a  spot that needs a plant.  What do you think?

Empty Spot

My poor leftover Agonis that so desperately needs to be in the ground?  I'd grow it as a narrow shrub:


Or Coprosma 'Cappuchino', which would be quite a contrast in the spot:
Coprosma 'Cappucchino'
Or a small, low-growing rose such as 'Vineyard Song' or  'Little White Pet'?   I've  got some that need homes in the ground, too. 

What do YOU think?  Leave a comment, let me know!  Thanks! 

Rosa 'Samaritan':
Dirr's Trees and Shrubs for Warm Climates: An Illustrated Encyclopedia


  1. Hoov, I vote for the agonis. But I've never grown this shrub so don't know its habit. It looks similar to dodonaea which I've also got a crush on but no place for. I sp'd that coprosma from the garden -- I think it looks better in a pot but gets lost in the garden. How exciting to have a vacancy!

  2. No Agonis there! Little White Pet. Or a different daylily?

  3. I ended up putting a little lemon-scented "Geranium" (Pelargonium), and I may add a couple of fans of a petite daylily, either the beautiful 'Janice Brown' or the equally beautiful 'Sabine Bauer'. The spot was far too small for the Agonis. As is usual in regards to planting space, I was deluding myself.


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