No, These Are New Ones

Clematis 'Angelique'
Clematis 'Angelique'

No, new tomatoes, not a new Clematis. And no, these are not the tomatoes from last Tuesday.  These are all newly picked Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.  And Tuesday.  I'm surprised with such a cool-weather July that the tomatoes have been so happy.  But there they are, and they didn't all fit in the picture.  There are more on the other counter. 
More of them!

I never realized that if you pick a whole lot of tomatoes, your hands turn kind of green and orange. Perhaps I'm taking in massive amounts of Vitamin A through my fingers. I come in from the garden and soap up my hands and wash, then dry off with a towel and the towel turns green, yellow, and orange from...what? Tomato pigment? I never noticed that before. The whole house smells like tomatoes. I cooked up a huge batch of sauce, canned some, made some for dinner...and there are still more tomatoes. No complaints! This is a celebration and prayer of gratitude.

More tomatoes

I'm proud, happy, and grateful to be able to grow food for our little family, and the homemade sauce is so very delicious, but my heart is with the roses. Roses may not feed the body...
Rosa 'Secret Garden Musk Climber'

...but how they feed the soul!

Rosa 'Souvenir de la Malmaison'
Rosa 'Souvenir de la Malmaison'

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  1. Still in mourning for SDM, which I sp'd this summer after waiting 4 years for it to do something besides get mildew and soggy-blob blossoms..but the 3 good flowers a year ? oo-la-la, nothing like them . SDM just didn't like it at my house. Have yet to find anything that even comes close..sigh.

  2. Sorry to hear that. You are right--she's definitely not for every garden--too hot and she shrivels, too cool and she mildews herself into grey fuzzy glop.


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