A Garden of...Stuff?

September 30

Watch this short film at Vimeo about an artist named Byun, who--I think--gardens, expertly, and indoors, with stuff instead of plants.  He forms a relationship with his objects, and places them with other objects that create their own relationships.  He cleans and examines, moves and considers his objects from time to time, just as we neaten up our plants and paths.  Have a look.

BYUN from thismustbetheplace on Vimeo.

September 30

I think Byun has grown an indoor garden, and this prompted me to consider new ways to enjoy my own "island away from the World."  Do my plants have relationships with each other, (beyond fighting each other for sun, water, and space)?

Nice Combo

Is there a spark of humor in that relationship, or grace?  I know the plants I really care for--the ones I have a real relationship with--are the ones that truly shine.  Why don't I love them all, so I can make them all shine?  Those which have formed relationships with each other and sing together in harmony may sing only for a little while, until they outgrow each other, or shade each other, or kill each other.  How do I keep those relationships beautiful? 

September 30

What is the difference between gardening with stuff and with plants?  Plants are as ephemeral as "stuff"; "stuff" as ephemeral as plants.  One can buy or scavenge or trade for both.  One can hoard plants as well as stuff, and see them die for the same reason:  out-of-control acquisition syndrome.  Other people may see no more value in your beloved Agapanthus than in your beloved 60-year-old Philco.   When the gardener dies--the stuff gets dumped or given away, the plants are yanked out or abandoned.  But plants are alive!  They respond to care, they respirate, they drink, they grow.  Many objects, though, are monuments to the hand and mind of their maker...is that not life of a sort? Meaning and value granted through thought, craft, and love--is that not life?


However plants do not have life "of a sort".  They have real life.  How important is that difference?   For that is the difference.

Stephanotis seeds

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  1. Hoovb, do you really have a Philco?
    I love that Philco.
    I have an O'Keefe and Merritt.

  2. Yes that's Mom and Dad's 1951 Philco, which is in my hallway now and still in perfect working order, though it needs a new power cord. I even have the original bill of sale and owner's manual.


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