Rosa 'Jude The Obscure' and Rosa 'Tea Clipper'

Rosa 'Jude The Obscure':
Rosa 'Jude The Obscure'

This cultivar took several years to rebloom reliably.  The first three years was a magnificient spring flush followed by zero rebloom and lot of grumbling on the gardener's part.  So the gardener began to ignore Jude and his sublime citrus perfume.   Jude made the ignoring easy by avoiding all rust and mildew infections.  Because of this the gardener was not so irritated that she shoveled him into the garbage.  Years passed.   Jude grew to a rounded 6'x6' shrubby plant that might be better if the foliage was just a little more dense, to prevent cane sunburn, though in a less than full blazing sun location, this would probably not occur. 

Rosa 'Jude The Obscure'

The gardener one day noticed that Jude was blooming, and reblooming, and reblooming some more, and that his perfume was the best in the whole garden.

Rosa 'Jude The Obscure'

The gardener askes Jude's forgiveness, for she now delights in him.   She hopes that 'Tea Clipper' will follow this pattern, for TC is doing the same thing, a wonderful spring flush followed by...nothing.  'Tea Clipper', though, has proven vulnerable to Rust, and fragrance so far is elusive.  Noisette is supposed to be a large part of 'Tea Clipper's ancestry, and Noisettes are slow to repeat well here, so the gardener plans patience.
Rosa 'Tea Clipper':
Tea Clipper

Rosa 'Tea Clipper'

But be warned, 'Tea Clipper'.  The gardener may be patient, but Mr. Shovel is watching!

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