Spider on Yellow

For the past several days, this fine beastie has been using my little baby Beaucarnea recurvata as a base of operations.  I've walked into its web several times, but thankfully Beastie retreated to the Beaucarnea, not to my hair or down my shirt collar.  It took a few minutes of staring to figure out what was the head end and  what was the tail end of the spider.  The head is the smaller bit.  I think. 

Spider on yellow

Beaucarnea recurvata  (Nolina recurvata):
Beaucarnea recurvata

"Baby" Beaucarnea belongs in the ground, I have a spot for it--the Ceonothus I though had survived a transplant didn't make it after all.  When Beastie departs, I'll plant Baby Beau. 

Besides spiders, at this time of year the dragonflies are around in abundance.  They lay eggs in the pond (where the koi eat them) and also in the fountain (where they have a fair shot to develop as long as I don't  drain the fountain--hey, come to think of it, that's a great excuse to not clean the fountain....)


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  1. Even though spiders creep me out they are still beautiful creatures. I just don't want to walk through their webs or find them crawling in my bed!

  2. Michelle you are right they are very beautiful.

    Just every once in a while when I re-watch the "Lord Of The Rings" movie where the giant spider fights with Sam Gamgee, I'm not so enthusiastic about them! :)


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