Aeonium tabuliforme

Aeonium tabuliforme:
Aeonium tabuaformae

Commonly called the Dinnerplate Aeonium because of its shape, round and flat as a dinnerplate, this is less common than other Aeoniums.  I call it the Phhhht! Aeonium.  This is because it grows, blooms, and--dies.  The whole thing dies, leaving no pups or suckers or anything else.  It's gone, dead.  Phhhht!  This may be the secret of its less-common availability. 

Aeonium 'Phhht!":
Aeonium Phhht!

The trick (I found out too late) is that you must grow it in enough shade to keep it from blooming.  It's quite happy in nearly all day sun, so happy that it blooms, and phhhht!  So keep it in bright shade, never in the full sun where it will be happy and die.  The inflorescence isn't particularly attractive.  That perfectly round, flat shape is its beauty. 

I wonder if I could have success in germinating the seeds. 

Sedeveria 'Vera Higgins' will have the pot to herself soon.  She'll get a trim, and with the trimmings replanted, should look good again. 

Bye-bye, Miss Aeonium.  Now I know:  no sun for you.  


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