How Showa Can Change

If you are not Koi-Kichi (Koi-crazy), you may not know that the changes Koi experience over their lifetimes is not limited to length and girth. 

At 18 cms, aged about one year:

At 41 cms, aged about two years:

At 60 cms, aged about three years:
Koi Oct 18 2010

Obviously the same fish, but what changes!

Showa is a variety of Koi that is black with white and orange.  The black is likened to a mountain range that rises up from the bottom of the fish.  Showa are one of the varieties that tend to change the most dramatically. For a while this spring the Showa had a black bar on his nose that make him look like Hitler.  But thankfully he grew out of that.

Today it's raining off and on  (Yay!!), normally not something that keeps me out of the garden, but lightning will keep me inside, and there is lightning today.  With all the resultant thunder I now appreciate Cuddles having lost her hearing--she's no longer scared out of her wits by the rumbles and bangs.  



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