I Move A 10' Tree Then Forget To Take A Picture Of It

What a drag:
What a drag

My poor Podocarpus 'Icee Blue' had very little root system for a 10' tree.  The soil in the area is loose, rich, and bone-dry, so digging it out took time but was not difficult.  I pulled the tree down to drag the poor thing to a new home.

New Spot for Podocarpus:
New spot
I hope it survives, but no telling. There's a bit of brand-new tender growth right at the top of the tree.  This new baby growth will indicate condition. 

New growth tips:
Podocarpus new growth tips

If it droops and dies:  uh-oh.  If it perks up and remains so...then there is hope.  I soaked the root system and will soak it daily for a while and see what happens. 

Now there's a good tree-free space for the pond filtration upgrade:
Spot for new filtration system

Dragging fly?
Dragon Fly

The weather has cooled down, so undamaged flowers have re-appeared.  I tried to recover from moving a tree by walking (very slowly) around the garden. 

It's getting late in the season for Hemerocallis, but 'Daring Dilemma' is a prolific bloomer well into October:
Daylily 'Daring Dilemma'

I actually took the trouble to deadhead 'Secret Garden Musk Climber' about three weeks ago and it responded with quite an excellent flush.  Very rapid repeat on this climber. 

Here's a trio:
Rosa 'Secret Garden Musk Climber'

This summer's usual suspects.  You are probably tired of seeing them--I've taken so many pictures.  Always gorgeous--I can't help myself, and it's my blog

'Jubilee Celebration', ever-reliable:
Rosa 'Jubilee Celebration'

'Windermere', looking as ravishing as a Peony.  This rose photographs so much better than it grows.  The plant is tall and gangly, the flowers last only two days, but oh is it photogenic:
Rosa 'Windermere'

It was 'Tamora's best summer ever, her tenth here.  Never without at least several clusters of gorgeous flowers.

Rosa 'Tamora'

I retreated to my chair under the pergola to rest, and forgot to take a picture of the tree.   Tomorrow.

Spot to rest

Update:  picture from this morning--no wilting so far--lucky timing:  three days of cool drizzle ahead:

Podocarpus in new spot

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  1. Fingers crossed that gorgeous podo likes the new spot. Just yesterday I read the fine print on my Google Reader which says they are no longer providing the update feature, so I'm missing new posts on your blog and a bunch of others. Google says the feature wasn't used much. Are they kidding?

    The fall roses are fantastic. Wasn't that rain wonderful?

  2. Yes the rain was wonderful--isn't it always? I collected a barrel of it and gave most of that to the Podocarpus. I continue to hope--but heat is on the way again...


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