Pond Woes

Back home at last!  No, they are not flying...there's water in there.
Back Home

The pumps were not reversed after all--they were in the intended spots.  Investigation and consutation yielded the ideas that 1.) A ball valve after the pump will fix things, and 2.) The pump may be going out. So...the bottom drain circuit is still not working.

Only thing to do is add the ball valve, and see. The purpose of the ball valve after the pump is to slow the pump down just enough to keep air out of the system.  The pump is drawing faster than the Sieve can supply.  Then get a new pump, if the old one is indeed on its last legs. Rather than re-plumb everything I will get a new copy of the old pump. Probably not the most satisfactory solution, but the most expedient. The ball valve will be added possibly tomorrow, the pump will be ordered and arrive in just a few days. Nothing else to be done.  At this point I want it running reasonably well and finished. 

The koi are back in the pond with the skimmer circuit running. Since the bottom drain is not functioning, and the water in the pond is all new, I won't be able to feed them for a few more days. When they were put back in the pond, they were dazed and confused.  Thirty minutes later they were begging for food.  So I can't go out and look at them because I can't feed them.

Koi keeping is tough. "Koi Kichi" means Koi-crazy. Once again I am left to wonder if the term really means not that a person is crazy about Koi, but that Koi drive a person crazy. Today it seems like the latter.  That Koi learning curve is a killer. 

We did get them measured and photographed. 

Showa I 23.5"
Koi Oct 18 2010

Showa II 21"
Koi Oct 18 2010

"Moore" 20.75"
Koi Oct 18 2010

"Les" 17.875"
Koi Oct 18 2010

Ranger 22.25"
Koi Oct 18 2010

Sanke 24.25"

Koi Oct 18 2010

Blondie 22.5"
Koi Oct 18 2010


  1. Your koi are beautiful! Thanks for the interesting post on the rebuild of your pond.


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