Seattle Called; They Want Their Weather Back

Gloomy: Gloomy

We got Seattle weather yesterday:  the sun never came out and it drizzled all day long, and long into the night.  A complete change from last Monday's oven-set-on-broil temperature of 107 F (41 C). 


Only the Koi were brilliant on this gloomy day.  They glowed despite the murk.  The weather turned the future filter area into a mud bowl, so the pond builders came, measured, and left for the day--too wet to work.  Measuring determined that they need do no excavation to have the filters at just the right level, so they were cheered even though they could not work.  They were also surprised I'd moved the tree and compost piles myself, in preparation for the filter upgrade.  I watched the koi a while, and then went inside, out of the mist and drip, drip, drip.   The pond builders will be back tomorrow. 

Traffic jam:
Yuki, Moore, Ranger, and Les

Moore and Princess Yuki
Little Les, looking quite handsome:
Little Les
Rippling water makes Blondy look bent: he's ok, it's the water:
Yuki, Hana, and Blondie

"Hey! You with the food!' said Princess Yuki, "Over here!"
Ranger, Les, and Yuki

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