Aloes Waking Up

Aloe arborescens, (yellow flowered form):
Aloe arborescens (yellow)
The Aloes are starting to send out their flower scapes.  This is a major winter food source for the hummingbirds who live in our neighborhood year-round.

Supposedly A. cameronii, though I'm not sure:
Aloe cameronii

Aloe arborescens:
A. arborescens buds

I have the feeling A. plicatilis might bloom this year, for the first time.  It looks a little fat and crowded in the middle where the new leaves emerge.
A. plicatilis

Also the October rainfall coaxed a flower stem out of an Iris.  Surprise!
Fall blooming Iris

Right now, however, the Tagetes lemonii (Copper Canyon Daisy) has a firm grip on every one's attention (well...mine, anyway).

Tagetes lemonii


  1. Beautiful aloe pictures...please keep them coming!

  2. thanks danger! More aloe tomorrow!


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