Chrysocephalum aplicata (Update)


I sung high praises to Chrysocephalum aplicata here, and meant every word of it.   Today, I noticed  that one of mine has simply worn itself out blooming, and blooming, and blooming non-stop for the last three-something years.  So I unceremoniously yanked it out and dumped it into the green waste bin (compost is full).


I say to this plant:  thank you and goodbye.  Thank you for blooming like crazy twelve months a year. Thank you for not reseeding everywhere.  Thank you for needed little water and no deadheading.  Thank you for not spreading everywhere and not having an agressive root system that invades and strangles other plants.  Thank you thank you thank you for being a beautiful plant that demanded nothing.   Your short life was hardly a drawback for the gifts you continually gave.  And...and...


...have you left behind a little baby version of yourself, a rooted stem?  Could you be that absolutely, perfectly wonderful?  Time will tell.


  1. Rest in Peace, Mama Aplicata. Hoov will take care of your little baby.


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