Fall Vegetable Update

I blogged about planting spinach, green beans, and broccolini seeds back on September 14th, so time for an update.   The beans did great! 

 November Green Beans

 I can absolutely recommend planting green  beans as  late as mid-September here  in semi-coastal  Southern California.  They were delicious!

The broccolini is also growing.  I see what appears to be a couple of small edible bits  appearing, so I'm hopeful.  
Edible bit:
  You cut off the center stem as the edible bit, and then the plant branches and you get more edible bits.  The plants look good, and have handled our recent Santa Ana spells fairly well.  I watered them daily when it was dry and hot. 


The spinach sprouted super quick, and then a bird flew in and ate all  the sprouts, and I never got around to planting more, because I was preoccupied with this and that.  (Lazy, in other words.)  I put up some wire screen to protect the area from winged marauders, and then never planted more seeds.  Hopefully confessing this will induce enough guilt to get me out there re-seeding. 

The late tomatoes we put in have flowers and look great, but production has been limited to 4 or 5 tomatoes,  not enough to bother with.  I won't plant late tomatoes again. 

Oh how my eyes are glazing over trying to blog about vegetables.  The passion for growing them just ain't there. My interest peaks when I'm picking them for dinner:  "Wow this is so cool to be able to pick dinner!" I think, and it is cool.  It's also very cool to eat them, and then my enthusiasm vanishes, and I go back to thinking about roses or aloes or suchlike plants, which feed only the aphid, the snail, and the soul. 


  1. The beans are beautiful! I can't wait to settle down and have a full time garden. I only get four months a year to play in the dirt right now. Some day...

  2. That is great news about green beans planted in Sept. My kale seedlings were eaten up so I planted more today. And some chard. But what I really want are your green beans!

  3. good to see you had such luck! i planted beets, several types of lettuce, mustard greens, carrots and snap peas. battling the snails and slugs. found a great heirloom seed company (good prices, too!): called landreth.


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