A Flower Bed Is Not A Garbage Dump


When I had the pond filtration upgraded recently, new drain and return pipes meant the old plumbing was now unnecessary.  I thought maybe the contractor might pull out some of the old stuff, but he was a wise contractor, or at least one who had been in business a long time.  Experienced contractors learn never to go out of the scope of the contract and never touch anything you don't have to, lest what you touch is a can of worms--or Pandora's box. 

A lot of contractors would be honestly puzzled at my efforts to remove unnecessary pipe.  What are they hurting?  Just plant around them!

Of course a gardener has a completely different point of view--we want to plant everywhere.  Old pipes and squashed soda cans and pieces of plastic bag in our fluffy loam is downright sinful.  I spent the day yesterday digging out pipes, purifying the once and future home of roses and begonias.  A flower bed is not a garbage dump. 

Archeologists of the distant future will be disappointed with what was once my garden--or so I fervently hope.

Won't last, don't care:


  1. The contractors who put in the wall around our patio used their lunch debris and the empty concrete bags as back-fill. NOT GOOD.

  2. Some contractors show real pride in a clean job well done. Unfortunately that seems to be the minority. Even if you won't be leaving clues for the archaeologists of the future I suspect our culture will be well documented with the scraps left by other contractors. I think you're doing the right thing now, when it's easy (okay, easier) to pull up pipe without pulling up plants.

  3. I'm too scared to pull up old pipes around here. Every time I do the toilet stops working.


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