Inherited with Life


To lose one's faith surpasses
The loss of an Estate,
Because Estates can be
Replenished - faith cannot.

Inherited with Life,
Belief but once can be;
Annihilate a single clause,
And Being's beggary.

- Emily Dickinson


  1. We visited Emily Dickinson's house today, spent time in her bedroom where she wrote at night. quite an austere place. The question of her religious faith arose, but with no resolution. I have the feeling she didn't reveal all on the surface of this poem. It sounds almost like she's practicing at being conventional. But it's just a thought.

  2. James, I wonder if ED was ever all that conventional?

    Her home must have been a wonderful place to visit. I visited a home where Keats lived, near Hampstead Heath in London. It was quite magical. Dickinson's home must be so as well.


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