Tangerine 'Dancy'


This year's entire tangerine crop (shown above) was a complete failure: the fruit was dry, fibrous, like extruded bran cereal, only even more tasteless. The skin had a wonderful citrus aroma, so at least my fingertips were sweetly perfumed as I tossed the entire crop, all one fruit of it, into the compost bucket.

The tree being newly planted and only knee high, can hardly be blamed. Babies can't be expected to drive bulldozers or run marathons; recently planted baby trees can't be expected to produce delectible fruit. Better luck (and more water) next year.

I console myself with 'Abraham Darby', and with Agave 'Blue Glow' which looks strangely watercolored, because I took the shot in low light.

Rosa 'Abraham Darby'


There...now I feel better!


  1. Oh, I'm so sad about that first tangerine. I bet you've been watching it for weeks, hoping for it to be wonderful. My tangerine is maybe 1-2 years ahead of yours. Last year's crop was maybe 3-5 fruits. This year it might be a couple dozen. The two I've sampled are looking pretty good. Yah, there's definitely hope for your tree!

  2. Thanks Lost, I'm hoping for at least a taste next year!


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