Change Of Weather (We Hope)

Rosa 'Litchfield Angel':
After three weeks of golden 80 F (27 C) weather, we suddenly have a cool-down and a slight chance of scattered showers.   Moving two roses was still done in blazing sun, though a cold breeze refreshed  considerably. 

Rosa 'Easy Does It', in a not-very-good (too shady!) spot:

I moved 'Easy Does It' and 'Litchfield Angel' from not-very-good spots to the excellent spots formerly occupied by 'Easy Going' and 'Andre le Notre'.  Both transplants had small root systems and were easy to dig up.  The soil in their new spots was loose and already well amended due to a decade of mulching with quality compost. 

Ice plant 'Cherry Bomb':

I also noted the ice plant 'Cherry Bomb' (genus/species unknown) I bought on a whim this time last year was in full bloom, looking quite glorious.   The camera cannot capture the intensity of the pink of this flower.   I will check future Google Earth photos of our house--if they happen to post one taken when 'Cherry Bomb' is blooming, the searing pink should be quite visible, even though the plant is only about 10" in diameter.

All the rain followed by all the warmth and sunshine produced Tazetta narcissus flowers quickly.  I've pulled most of the ones originally planted on the front slope.  They do not quite agree with the Agaves and Aloes.  A few evaded my shovel.  Originally they were mixed in with the so-called "Dutch" Iris, which all died because the slope was just too arid.  The Tazetta narcissus thought the bone-dry slope was just fine and dandy.  They multiplied like rabbits. 

Speaking of Agaves, I've tentatively decided that the Agave I bought labeled as A. guingola is really A. tequiliana, possibly 'Webers Blue'.  It's just down the slope a bit from the Agave that was supposed to be A. ovatifolia, and isn't. 

Tentatively A. tequiliana is tres bleu, but probably too close to the street armed as it is with nasty terminal spines.  I noticed a bit of cold damage on the oldest leaves, which is what leads me to believe that this is A. tequiliana--its more cold sensitive than a lot of other Agaves.   Maybe I'll move this one.  It can reportedly sucker 6' away from the original rosette.  That sounds a wee bit intrusive. 

Decidedly non-intrusive little hybrid Aloe 'Blue Elf' has just sent up flower shoots.  Its foliage is bluer in summer dryness and heat:

And the double whammy of 12" of rain followed by three weeks of perfect warmth has made Aloe marlothii (I think) very happy.  It was yellowed during summer, and I was concerned.  It's fat and happy now:

So, actual rain?  Please.  All that warmth dried everything out too thoroughly. 


  1. We're garden doppelgangers -- bought that Cherry Bomb too but it's in a mossed basket. Wasn't that bit of rain nice? It sounds like your slope is really coming along. I love it when the aloes grow fat and happy.


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