Cool Winter Blues


Cool winter blues...or do I have the blues because the winter isn't cool?

A visit to the Favorite Local Garden Center.  Haven't been in days, and was starting to suffer from I-need-a-new-plant symptoms.  This blue beauty seems to have a confusing wealth of names.  Senecio/Cineraria/Florist Cineraria, has been re-classified as Pericallis x hybrida.  

Some of the most stunning blue you can find, outside of the sky:

Any name you care to use, they are far happier along the coast than inland with Santa Ana winds to desiccate them.  This is not a plant for spells of 7% relative humidity.  Plus no way am I going to spend $12 for a winter annual.  The same goes for the amazing ornamental kales.


My Sweetie glumly surveyed the orderly rows of Kale and was not impressed.  "Looks like a damn cabbage farm,"  he grumbled.

True, but a very attractive cabbage farm. 



  1. Oh, wow, that is a gorgeous blue. And I love ornamental cabbage - I really like the pink ones. Your winter garden will be lovely. Can you post photos of the beds after you plant these?

  2. great shots! your garden must look amazing!

  3. The other blue flowers in the top picture look like the might be a gentian. Acaulis? What is the name of this nursery?


    1. Hi Douglas, they are a selection or hybrid of Lobelia erinus. The garden center is Roger's Gardens in Corona del Mar.


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