Ladybug Eggs

Rosa 'Lunar Mist', from last year:
Piece of Eden

Yesterday I was picking a few old leaves off Rosa 'Lunar Mist' when a flash of orange on the back of one leaf gave me pause.

"Wow! What organized Rust!" I thought.


Then I realized the patch of dots was not a fungal disease, but rather a cluster of ladybug eggs. I checked my Cranshaw's Garden Insects of North America. Ladybug eggs are similar to Colorado Potato Beetle eggs. The pest's eggs are larger and more orange-red than Ladybug eggs. I'm pretty sure these are Ladybug eggs.

After taking a photo, I carefully put the leaf back in just about the spot I removed it from, wedging the leaf stem between two canes so it would be secure. Mrs. Ladybug is the best judge of location. Good luck little eggs. May you all grow into Ladybugs with large appetites for aphids!


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