Surprise: Plants That Look Good Together

My first Hellebore (50% off!), bought a few years ago, the snowflake leaves of Geranium madierense, and bronzy Carex 'Toffee Twist' look quite well together. How did I ever manage to do that?

Quite by accident--the Geranium was a volunteer seedling and there was no where else shady enough to plant the Hellebore. There is an unhappy Camellia buried under the Geranium, but I'll worry about that later.



  1. Love the hellebore - what a great deal to get it for 50% off....they can be so spendy! Have you had any seedlings start around it? They are such a fantastic addition to a garden - i keep bringing in more & more to the garden every year. xoxo

  2. Hi Fishtail Cottage,

    Yes, I grabbed it as soon as I saw the discount tag. I did get some seedlings and they are growing well, though probably still a year or more from blooming. The foliage is as ornamental as the flowers.


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