How Happy Heuchera?

This Heuchera is very happy, and has been for years--seven or eight years, maybe longer.

I'm happy for the Heuchera.  The problem is that I can't see the happy Heuchera. 

Way, way back there.  Won't be visible much longer:

I planted it when the roses around it were small.  They grew up, so now I only see the Happy Heuchera for a few weeks, from the day I prune the roses around it, to the day the roses grow back large enough to again engulf it.  The Heuchera doesn't care if I can admire it or not.  It goes on being happy without me.  I assume if I were to move it to a visible spot, it would instantly die.   I suppose I must make do with just knowing it is happy. 

We gardeners love our relationships with our plants in part because we think those plant relationships are less complicated than human relationships.  

Think again. 


  1. Seeing a lot of Gardening posts today - this must mean that Spring has sprung out there. My best tip on Heauchera i learned a few years ago is to cut it back to the ground (after the last frost) and sprinkle alphalpha (sp?) around the base of the plant - you will see it sprout up healthy and happier than you can imagine! Would love to have you link up to Cottage Flora Thursdays next week? xoox, Tracie

  2. Hoover, I have several plants that disappear over the summer, all due to my over planting tendencies and/or denial concerning ultimate size. I'm always surprised when they continue to show up in spring.


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