Rosa 'Top Notch' ('Matawhero Magic', 'Simply The Best')

Normally more of a coppery apricot, overcast and cool weather made 'Top Notch' flowers somewhat more orange:

Aptly named.  Though it is a McCredy rose from New Zealand, which is not exactly a desert climate, it holds up to moderate heat, and repeat blooms rapidly even in summer.  One of the drawbacks is that you much be quick about your deadheading--otherwise you get a lot of flowers, but all on very short stems, and of shrunken size.  I cut back a little harder after each round of flowers to keep the plant under 6 feet (2 m) in height and the quality of the flowers high.  This increases the time between blooms, but I get a better looking plant over our long, long growing season.  This plant is really good about holding on to its foliage, and foliage appears from bottom to top, no bare ankles here. 

Another flower:

The flowers are on the small side, three and a half or four inches, not six.  Only a light fragrance, but some fragrance is always better than none.  No mildew, rust only at the end off the year, and lots and lots of flowers.

The same flower as the previous photo, taken more than twenty four hours later.  Slightly more open, but still beautifully spiralled:

This plant was a slow starter:  it took three full years to establish and begin to produce as it does now, and the flower form was not as superb.  A fair substitute for 'Brandy', with something approaching 'Brandy's magical copper apricot color, but without 'Brandy's weakness.  No, the color is not as breathtaking as 'Brandy's, but while we can want everything, we can't have it. 

The plant at about seven or eight years of age, this spring is just coming into bloom. Foliage right down to the ground:

Weeks was the wholesaler for this rose in the US, but doesn't seem to be selling it anymore. I'm glad I got it while I could. The only North American source at this time appears to be Pickering, thankfully a very reliable vendor.


  1. Wow, what a beauty ! Perfect swirl of petals !

  2. Beautiful! What are the yellow and white plants at the bottom of the last photo?

  3. Thank you DANI, RC&L, and Kelsey! Glad you liked the flowers.

    The white plant is Lobularia maritima (Alyssum) and the yellow is an unknown yellow ice plant I got in a flat from Lowe's (no id tag).

  4. Thank you. The combination of these three plants is great! I also really appreciate these posts on each rose because getting to look at the foliage and shape of the plants in addition to the flowers is so helpful in my own landscaping decisions! Thank you!

  5. I'm with Kelsey, the photos and notes on bloom, foliage, and shape and size really helps find 'the one' and 'the spot'. Huge thankyou! Oh, and would you ever consider making a list of all your roses? Maybe a table showing attributes and your ratings in categories like repeat, disease resistance, size and habit of bush, etc. It's worth more when someone can give the real garden lowdown. I need more roses like I need a
    disease… maybe this is my disease! At least it's a pleasant one.


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