Today In Tree Abuse

That tree isn't going to mess with those power lines this year, dagnabbit!  

Words Fail.  No, the tree trimmers are not on lunch break.  This is the completed job.  


  1. I just hate to see things like this. Or when the line goes straight through the middle. I know they enjoy the shade, but I always wonder if the homeowner shouldn't just cut the tree down and try again. Sad.

  2. This should be forbidden! It really annoys me to see when trees are mistreated by tree trimmers. Your pic shows one of the worst examples I have ever seen :-(! How sad!

  3. Have you checked out 'Crimes against Horticulture' on FB yet? The sound you make when you see something like this is "CAH". Sounds kind of like when a cat has a hair ball.

  4. This is the sign of a poor landscape code review process / code or just a poor design / lack thereof.

    Why is putting too large a plant in a small space OK, but not a size 10 foot into a size 5 shoe??

    All for short-term shade at the least - wrong concept.

  5. Hi Desert, There is no local code for trees in this area. I think it is a result of the utter lack of knowledge the average person has about trees. They inevitably want a "cheap, fast grower", period. Cheap and fast, cheap and fast. Mature size is irrelevant. Oh we'll just have it trimmed. Well, they did have it trimmed. Sad, isn't it?

    Hi Fishtail, yes I'm cringing too!

    Hi Sue, I did look that up, and my eyes just about exploded when I saw the Sequoias trimmed as half-meatballs-on-a-stick. Oh dear Lordy, now I've seen everything. Thanks for that suggestion...I think... ;^)

  6. Hi Holley, yes I wonder why they just don't cut it down--either they still want some shade, or it just costs to much to take it out.

  7. i HATE that. why do they treat trees in california like giant weeds that need to be whacked once a year. it seems criminal!!

  8. That doesn't look too good.

    I hope you didn't pay too much for that.

  9. I have to admit it's kinda hilarious


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