'Crépuscule' Pruning Update


Whacked it good back at the end of March...and now at the end of May, it's blooming and looking completely revived.

New growth down on the bottom of the canes, where previously was a tangle of dead twigs:

Looking happy again!


Off in a shadowy corner behind 'Crépuscule' I noticed one of 'Fair Bianca's perfect little flowers.  When I planted 'Fair Bianca' the area was sunny.  The neighbors on the west planted a lot of trees, and the neighbor on the north's nasty old Euc grew back after I paid a good bit of money to have their tree trimmed back from the property line.  Now the area is in shade most of the time and is covered with Euc litter.  I doubt 'Fair Bianca' would be any better even given ideal conditions.  Beautiful flowers on a weak, spindly, die-back-prone plant.

Pure white 'Fair Bianca' and her red buds:

If only, if only it could revive like 'Crépuscule'. If only.


  1. Your description of 'Fair Bianca' is right-on. Nice flowers, but so weak and spindly.


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