Tree Mutilation of the Week

Sometimes you cringe at the sight of a tree being trimmed, and sometimes you cringe at the sight of a tree not being trimmed.  This poor specimen needs to be trimmed alright, right down to the ground:

The house on this property burned down.  Some of the tree burnt.  Then it got really windy and the crown of the tree snapped right off.  It sat for a couple of years, along with the burnt-out house.  More than one ownership change appeared to have occured.  Finally, the house was rebuilt.  I thought they would remove the tree at that point.

The orange caution tape is original to the crown snap of four or five years ago:

Nope.  It's hopeless, guys.  Seriously.  Time for chainsaws and a stump grinder.  Please,  put it out of its misery.


  1. Poor tree!

    Thank you for your question-suggestions on 66 Square Feet, for my series Why Garden? They are thought provoking, and will certainly make the list.

  2. LOL, I love your tree mutilation posts. I have a few in my neighborhood that would be worthy.



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