Church Cited For Tree Mutilation

I am not making  this up..

Yep, Crape Murder.

Better photos of the trees would help, but I'd say they got off lightly.


  1. That "senior urban forester" needs to be fired. He's an idiot. Oh, maybe he's a senior in high school who's lived under a rock all his life. Doesn't he know they'll grow back in a couple of months?? How maddening...and frightening for the church.

  2. Those trees are disfigured and will always have that deformity. If they grow back to full height in a couple of months, what's the point of doing it at all? They will have the deformity AND be full sized anyway. If you want shrubs, plant shrubs. Don't plant trees and hack at them, wishing they were shrubs. I wish we had those kinds of fines here where I lived! Or maybe cut off their thumbs. They will heal in a few months, and they may like their deformity.

  3. Chuch: "church" pronounced with a heavy North Carolina accent! ;^) Fixed it, thanks.


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