New Arch Vs. Old Arch

Already much cut back in order to get the rose off that arch:

The old arch was falling over from the weight of 'Secret Garden Musk Climber'.  A larger, stronger arch was in order.

The quite modern minimalist style doesn't match the McMediterranean house. (Add a circle in that empty triangle and I think I'd have iconic Michael Graves circa 1980.)   Since the arch will be hopefully soon engulfed by a rose, that's fine. 

Circle here:

I'm happy with the more imposing size.   Since the tall trees are all the neighbor's, height is somewhat lacking on my side of the fence.  A tall structure is pleasing.  The area is fairly large so a large arch is needed. 

A rose covered arch will create a dark hallway of sorts.  Perfect for frightening small children.   Now, now, hold on--I am not being mean.  I think every garden should have a slightly scary spot, making a small child pause or avoid the area.  Then one day the child ventures in, and discovers there was nothing to be afraid of after all.  A good metaphorical lesson, without any real danger--see?

I need to add some kind of focal object down at the end of the "hall" to draw the visitor down the stairs.  Next project. 


Getting the rose off the old arch and on to the new one is going to be arduous.  I knew enough not to weave the rose canes in and out of the structure; they are all just laid on top and tied.  I'm still going to be doing some pulling and more hacking, though.  If I had gone for a big strong arch in the first place...but gardening is learning.  Remember that.  If it's perfect the first time, it's because it was unplanned. (At least in this garden!)



  1. I like the new arch. The roses were wrestling the old arch down. It was no match. It had to be retired.


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