Sorry About That

I've gotten several messages from people saying the comment function does not work for them.  I'm very sorry for any annoyance that causes--I have no idea why it doesn't work.  Sorry!  I'll go a'lookin at blogger comment bugs and see if I can figure out what the problem is.  I do carefully read and very much appreciate all your comments!

Update:  I looked though blogger problems and one suggestion was to change the comment form to a pop-up--so I tried that.  I hope that works, or does something that leads me to the problem.  Thanks for your patience.

Fourth Of July


  1. Cool! Thank you, Fabiana, for trying it out.

  2. Okay, some are working, one that I "approved" or whatever it is for posting and that is in the "approved" missing. I will check further for other known bugs (the software kind not the garden kind...)

  3. yeah, I am glad you are checking into this "bug".....I have left comments and then never see them later.

  4. Let's see...comments are working for me on some people's blogs, but not others. My own blog no longer behaves well, though somehow, it still allows me to log in. I think those days are numbered...

  5. Hi Gail, it's me, Jackie.
    Testing, testing!


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