August Computer and Tomato Abuse

It's even worse in person:
The computer was cram-packed with lint and white hair.  White hair...hmmmm...

"Shed?  Me?"
Dear Teddy 
We went out for breakfast and an $8 can of air.   (Canned air:  now that's a business!).  Beloved opened up the computer, blew out the lint, dabbed the heatsink with heatsink goo, and the computer, at least for the moment, is working again.  If nothing else, it no longer sounds like a helicopter when it's running.  We also spent $4 on a hemostat to pull debris from between Echeveria and Agave leaves.  Good grief, modern living is both complicated and bizarre. 

I'm as abusive of tomato plants as of computers.  Stakes?  Cages?  The stakes rotted and replacements have not yet appeared;  the cages are holding up Clematis, or roses, or Dahlias.  Wire fencing is excellent but I never seem to get around to it. "I'll put up supports when the tomato seeds sprout." "I'll wait until I plant the tomatoes to put up supports."  "I'll let the tomatoes get tall enough to need supports, then I'll put them up."  Never happens. 

There's a path in there, believe it or not:

On the other hand, courtesy of the Western Fence Lizards who gobble up the Earwigs, and the California Towhees who gobble up the tomato horn worms, it's time to make sauce:

Eight bucks for a can of air.  Wow.  Though it is waaaaaaay cheaper than a new computer.  

The tomato seeds were $2.98, three packets at 98 cents each.   This year I tried sauce tomato 'Rio Grande' instead of my usual 'Roma'.  The productivity of 'Rio Grande' has been far superior (triple).  The other varieties are 'Beefsteak', which is now considered somewhat of an heirloom, (seed company marketing departments gone wild?) and 'Mortgage Lifter'.  

We have not gotten humongous-sized 'Mortgage Lifter' fruits, but we've gotten fruits, which is just fine.  We're not picky.  Obviously:

Canned air.  What a fascinating modern age we live in.


  1. Surely not jealous though of all the work it is to can the bounty. My achin' back!


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