Agave Desmettiana Begins To Bloom


The three big Agave desmettiana 'Variegata' are finally beginning to send up their flowering stalks.  I'm not as sad as I thought I would be.  Sadness is outweighed by curiosity about the flowering process and the many bulbils that will develop on each stalk.  

Each plant is surrounded by at least two dozen offsets, so I believe I will not be lacking for Agave desmettiana 'Variegata's in the near future.  

In contrast, A. 'Blue Glow' shows absolutely no sign of preparing to bloom.  Now that bloom I will be sad about, should it ever happen. (I hope not).  

I will be updating the progress of the desmettiana bloom stalks as they develop. 


  1. Great blog! You have so many amazing plants in your beautiful garden and what a wonderful piece of Eden you have created.

    xoxoxo ♡

  2. Perfect!!! Esp the A. "Blue Glow", the powdery blue tips are off the chart w/ the red margins.

    I can always grow those in pots, to bring inside for winter...

  3. Where we pass by here every morning and afternoon from work the landscape outside the buildings have many agave like that which are flowering. Some already finished and many are just starting.


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