Among Plants, I Am Not An Idiot

Whee!  I did it!  I grew this!


After a most error-filled Thursday, feeling utterly unable to do anything right.  I got lost in my own neighborhood, then dropped my glasses in the gutter and could not read the damn map to even find my way.  I interrupted a meeting by being late, making a complete idiot of myself (as usual).  I was flustered and nervous and said stupid things (as usual).  I thanked someone for something that someone else did, and the person I thanked very kindly didn't have the heart to correct me.  I dropped the dog on the carpet; the surprise and impact made him poop.  On the carpet. 

I can, at least, grow an ear of corn.  When all else seems to be beyond me, the garden comes through with reassurance and comfort.  No wonder I love plants.  Among plants, I am not an idiot. 



  1. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Your garden, your photography, your encyclopedic brain cells blow my mind. Don't for a moment forget that some of us live our entire lives filled with days like you had yesterday ! YOU ROCK, GIRL !

  2. "Idiot" is a word I've never heard any of my plants say. I'd say "genius" is a better word for you since my last half-hearted attempt at growing corn was such a failure!

  3. Thanks Lynette--you are very kind!

    lost, all it takes is water and miracle gro lawn food. It's grass you can eat.

  4. That is a beautiful ear of corn, and you are most assuredly not an idiot since you will always be able to provide yourself with food.


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