Another Lawnless Front Yard

A correspondent in Santa Barbara sent me the following photo.  From what I can tell, this Santa Barbara property has exactly two plants in the front yard, a tree (Magnolia grandiflora?  Ficus nitida?) and a Dietes iridiodes.Well, it is lawnless...

Photo by KD:


  1. Given that it's in Santa Barbara, and has massive aboveground root structures, I'd have to guess that the tree is a Moreton Bay Fig, Ficus macrophyllia.

  2. Ficus macrophylla sounds about right, thanks HelenB! This one is still modest as F. macrophylla goes, no? Here's the grandmother:


  3. Yep. Walked right past it last Saturday. It's a Moreton Bay fig. From Queensland. The bay at Brisbane is 'Moreton Bay'
    The Photo shows quite a lot of light around. But actually it was very dark underneath (Gloomy ++) and it would be surprising that anything at all would grow there.
    I had seen in the tourist lit, mention of the fig, but did not check up if this was the actual one.

  4. Actually it shaded the next door house just as much. And halfway across the street as well. Also there was a mass of tree debri as well (you can see it in the photo) With all the gloom it was quite a sad picture.
    Perhaps the solution is to remove about three houses


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