Hey I Could Plant Something In That

The spring on the garage door broke, and when the guy came to remove the broken one and install a new one, I looked thoughtfully for a moment at the broken end of the old spring and thought...


Hey, I could plant something in that...


  1. Great ideea ! Have you thought of painting that in a bright color ?

  2. The joy of "re-purposing" for plants' sake - that is a clever use for something destined for a landfill. I have so many pots alone to replant in! Succulents work so well in industrial "containers" given their sculptural qualities.

  3. yes that makes a lovely planter!

  4. @DANI, I like the rust patina...I'm thinking the Sedum 'Coppertone' would look good with the rust. I'm going to try a few things and see what looks best.

    @Desert, Thanks, that's what I thought too, now I have to try to find the exact right plant.

    @Andrea, thanks! Enjoyed your blog and all the very exotic plants.


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