It's 3:28 am...


It's 3:28 am.  Hoover was restless starting about 1:45am.  I thought if I went back to bed, he'd be restless some more (Honk! Honk!), but if I sat up a while, he would be quiet.  I sat up.  He's quiet.  I hope I can slip away back upstairs and we can both get some sleep.  

Yesterday the final lens rings came in the mail.  My old camera has a 53.5 mm lens, which meant I needed a 53.5 to 58 mm converter ring and a 58 mm to 55 mm converter ring to add a 55 mm polarizing filter.  No, you can't buy a 53.5 mm to 55 mm ring.  Ain't that silly?  After the final ring arrived, I added both rings and the filter to my camera, and went out to see how the filter would handle the late afternoon reflection off the pond.  


Yay!  Now it's easier to take pictures of the koi.  

Rita scraped her nose, but it looks superficial, requiring no treatment.

She has such a sweet, silly face. Now I hope I can get some sleep. 


  1. Yes, they did work. Your fish are cool. If they could talk...


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