Agave Bloom Update


Agave bloom

I thought the flower stalks had reached their maximum height, but no:  they continue upward.
Agave blooms
And outward.

Agave buds

While we're on Agaves (again), I visited a neighbor a couple of days ago who has three epic Agave americanas (or tequilanas?). They are over six feet tall (2 M) and nine feet across (3 M). Impressive--a polite way of saying "scary", I think.
There are other Agave species with more interesting textures and shapes. However, these are impressive for sheer size, and were flawlessly grown. There didn't appear to be a single mark or mar, scratch or torn leaf. Untouched--though of course that is understandable. I would not want to get close to these monsters, and apparently no one has.

Agave marginal spines

Agave imprint
I'm glad I won't be the one to have to clean them up after they bloom!


  1. Cleaning up after they bloom is exactly why my inlaws had a back-hoe come in and dig out every Agave americana on their so sad.

  2. I love most the photos of the detailed leaf, very interesting. We have many agave here too and have seen many during flowering, yet i haven't seen that variety here!

  3. I have a few next to my pond that are beginning to scare me.
    Did you see today's (11/12) LA Times? They had an article about edible landscaping with a photo of the lettuce interplanted with the Agaves.

    Hahahhahha! YOU'LL PUT YOUR EYE OUT!

  4. I'll go look at that article Renee, thanks. That whole "edible garden" thing--sometimes it seems a little crazy.

    Danger, A. americana can really take over. Maybe they did the right thing for the long run.

    Andrea they really are amazing close up. Not just the spines or the leaf imprints, but that texture and color variation. It's not apparent until you get up close.

  5. Incredible photos and those Agave's are so amazing. I wish I had room for them.

  6. There are some beautiful petite Agaves, Candy "Sweetstuff"! :)


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