Bursera Update


It's been fine.  It grew.  I didn't kill it (yay!).   It grew foliage, roots have begun to emerge from the hole in the bottom of the pot, and it wasn't difficult at all.  Heh.  How about that?   

Some of the twig tips were dead, but they appeared to be dead when I planted it, so it wasn't anything I did.  I carefully trimmed off the dead stuff.  The plant grew some new stems, and the caudex looks fatter, so--so far, so good. 


And before that:

I wish I had measured the caudex circumference when I got it, so I could remeasure and see if it fattened up or not.  But that's gravy.  I'm simply happy it grew! 


  1. I was looking back through your posts and you have many beautiful photos. I like the Koi. I too have Koi at the Farm. They are huge too, but the herons have gotten a few over the last ten years.


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