There's The Bloom! Yay! Of Aloe-Maybe-Ferox

I just noticed Aloe-maybe-ferox has its first flower.  Now maybe I'll be able to identify what species it is, or is not.  See the flower?
Aloe marlothiii (left) and ferox(?) rightt

No?  There it is!
Aloe maybe ferox first bloom

Aloe maybe ferox first bloom

Tips of a couple are damaged.  No sign of Aloe mite, though.  There appeared to be a tiny bit of Earwig damage also, but Earwigs I can deal with.  
Aloe maybe ferox first bloom

I've been waiting several years for this plant to flower, and am really looking forward to seeing it.  Now I hope I haven't jinxed my chances by getting my hopes up.  The easiest way to ruin your chances is to get your hopes up.

Also in the long-awaited blooms department, the Agave desmettianas continue.  I tried shooting photos of the mighty flower stalk from a different angle, being inspired by the most excellent tree photo by b-a-g here (link),  b-a-g blogs here (link).

Agave desmetiana bloom stalk

b-a-g gets the texture of the trunk at the bottom of his photo much better, doesn't he?  And perhaps my cloudy sky distracts.  I'm thinking that the photo might also be more effective without the Chamelaucium flowers there at the bottom of the frame.  I'll have to try more shots.  Luckily, Agave bloom life being what it is, I have weeks (probably months) to get around to trying more angles.  
Agave bloom stalk


  1. That aloe is stunning. And great photos of the agave flower spike. They cause big problems in the UK, as they summer is never long enough for the spike to mature, so usually have to be moved inside at some point. Which as you can imagine is not easy at that size!

  2. Nice, crisp foliage on those aloes - I am not seeing any significant damage on any of it - incredible. And that towering agave stalk!

    Somehow my blog roll lost back to seeing your older, recent posts...

  3. I love that angle! It makes the bloom stock look like a tree!

  4. Yay for the Aloe-maybe-ferox, looks like you are going to be enjoying some gorgeous blooms!

    Thank you for the continued Agave spike photos, this one is gorgeous!

  5. Agave & aloe are both stunning, await eagerly more aloe pics as flower proceeds!

  6. That aloe is incredible! If that is a ferox it is the best looking one I have ever seen. And I love the angle of your agave flower shot! I love to take shots from weird angle's even if I have to lie on the ground. LOL Yes move the plant in front and it will be perfect!

  7. Hi - thanks for the link. I've seen aloe vera products, but didn't know they came from such a striking plant. Not to mention your agave ... I'm still trying to figure out if it's possible to take a photo of a tree with a point&click camera and still get the whole length in focus.

  8. Great pictures in this post! I really enjoyed it. We don't get a tonne of agave blooms up here on Vancouver Island which makes these photos even better. Very geometric! The aloes look reptilian, excellent!

  9. Spike, just saw photos over on xericworld of a guy in the UK with a glasshouse too short for his agave blooms. That will be interesting.

    Thanks Desert! I love the foliage on that one.

    Thanks Cynthia, the bloom amazes me too.

    SGP, glad you liked the photos. I'll see if I can get some T. lemonii seeds--I've never tried. I've gotten exactly one volunteer seedling. I think stems will root if pinned to the ground, but not sure.
    Candy, thanks, I will try more photos and see what happens.

    Danger and Becc, more photos to come.

    b-a-g, I'm still trying to get a shot like that with an adjustable camera. ;)


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