Tree Mutilation Of The Week (Not)

There are so many hacked and mutilated street trees out there.  Some how, some way, this decades-old Cinnamomum camphora avoided that fate.  Gives you hope, doesn't it? 


  1. A beautiful tree, is it a relative of the camphor laurel, they have such an amazing fragrance?

    xoxoxo ♡

  2. I think "Camphor Laurel" is a common name for that tree. Here, they are usually referred to as just "Camphors".

  3. This is an invasive tree here in the New Orleans area, taking over seemingly every cemetery, park, and vacant lot, with seeds sprouting every few inches for about a 20 yard radius around an adult tree. Maybe they grow a lot more slowly and manageably over there in Cali's drier climate...

  4. Chris, they are slightly invasive here as well, and yes, I believe they are held back and slowed down by the drier climate. In that neighborhood surrounded by asphalt and concrete, they less likely to spread, but I find a few seedlings in my yard every year. I'm not a big fan of them for that reason. Elsewhere in town, native oaks have been planted, which to me are a much wiser choice. Still, I admired the beauty of the tree and the fact that it has largely avoided being hacked and mutilated, as so many street trees are here.

    It sounds like the Camphor is a big problem for NOLA the way Eucalyptus globulus is here. :(


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