Wind Event II

The Pasadena area got hammered last night.  Here there was nothing more than a light breeze.  It finally started on to blow about 3 in the afternoon in our area, but so far it's not much beyond average, say 40 mph.  

The LA Times has a photo gallery (link) of fallen trees.  Many of them appear to be Ficus nitida, along a couple of Sycamores, an Oak, some kind of evergreen, and a Jacaranda, though it was a Euc that knocked over a crucified wooden Jesus:  I recognize the bark.  Long time residents around here who want to preserve their trees (or their house) have their trees laced out every year so that the wind can blow through the tree instead of blowing it over. 

If only trees could hold up to wind the way a Yucca can.

It's looking better and better, that Yucca.


  1. Gorgeous picture of the yucca, incredible!

  2. Don't miss those Santa Anas .

  3. Our local newspaper had a couple of drastic "tree down" shots (from LA) on the cover this morning. How unfortunate. Lovely Yucca!

  4. Glad you were spared the worst...gusts >90 mph here, but worst over. Now maybe some precip?

    No damage to soft-leaf yuccas but major damage to Agave striata here >50 mph sustained over 2 days, but none this time!

  5. Stunning yucca! Do you know the cultivar? It looks a little like my Yucca recurvifolia 'Margaritaville' but the leaves are more yellow.

    :: Bamboo and More ::

  6. @sgp, thanks! I love that Yucca.

    @ks, it's the price for living here, and I must pay it.

    @danger, it was pretty bad in some areas, and now some neighborhoods have a big new surplus of firewood.

    @gerhard, 'Margaritaville' it is. Good eye! I think the afternoon shade they get from the neighbor's hedge intensifies the beautiful colors.
    @desert, praying/hoping/wishing for rain is my major winter activity.


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