Almulch Done

I'm nearly done mulching, so while I was finishing up the mulch on the front slope, I planted an Aloe 'Hercules' while I was there.  'Hercules' is a cross between Aloe dichotoma and Aloe barberae, and is faster growing and cold-hardier than both parents.  This hybrid occurs in nature as the two parent species sometimes share the same area.  

I thought pretty hard about putting this Aloe in that spot.  'Hercules' can get 30 feet (9 meters) tall,  so it needs to be placed as carefully as a tree, because it is a tree.  It got very stressed in the 12" pot it was in, giving the foliage that lovely tangerine color.  I am already beginning to think I need to move it.  It won't be in the way, but it may look odd there eventually.  This Aloe, once in the ground gets big fast, so I won't be able to move it for long. 

PhotobucketIf it falls, it shouldn't take out a car or pedestrian.  Only another Aloe (or two or three)  

I've only got about two more yards of mulch to spread.  Also maybe an Aloe to move.  I think I'll be done tomorrow.  Ouch!  Ow!  Whee! 


  1. I've been meaning to ask: isn't a moisture-holding mulch like this bad for some of the more xeric plants? I know there are many that don't like to stay wet at the base, so it's recommended those be mulched with gravel or similar. You don't have any problems with that?

  2. Hi Alan, normally one would not put that sort of mulch around those sorts of plants, but drainage on that sandy-soiled, south-facing slope in all-day sun is so sharp, so instantaneous, it is not a problem. And to a certain extent, Agaves and Aloes can take much more moisture than Cacti. I only have one small Opuntia on the slope, which seems to want more water than it gets.

    Good point, though--thanks for bringing that up.

  3. Now you deserve a good full-body massage...and i love that 2nd shot very much.


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