If You Love Agaves...

If you love Agaves and have not seen the photographs from this plant lover's trip to Mexico, you are in for a major treat.  Ever seen an Agave with fluffy leaf tips?  Agave albipilosa may be very, very popular once it reaches the market.


Mexico trip by Nick Macer


  1. Some of these photos are just amazing. So many beautiful Agaves too -- 3m tall? Now that's an anchor plant!

  2. These photos belong in a book!!! What I love most is the fact that even now new agaves are being described. That's amazing!

    Thank you for sharing these.

  3. Thanks. His love of plants radiates from the screen and made me feel all warm and fuzzy.

  4. That series of photos is an old fav, thanks for urging me to take another look.

  5. What I like is the chance to see them growing in nature, to see where they thrive. Not always what we expect: often in shade! The groups-on-slopes, created by by no human mind or hand, is the perfect design solution. Does Nature really need us?

  6. Nick Macer is a dedicated plants man and his travels are always pleasant to read. Had the pleasure of meeting and talking to him on several occasions and he is extremely knowledgeable, he knows his plants very well :)


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