International Kill Your Brugmansia Day II


Last year at about this time I cut down most of my Brugmansia.  Over the course of the season it all grew back to the original height of about fifteen feet (4.5 meters).  I had intended to remove it and didn't get around to doing that.  I'm trying again this year.  However, I'm tired.  

We're all tired here. 

All of us.  
Samoyed puppies sleep
I'm going to take a few days off blogging and try to recharge my batteries. I'll be back soon.


  1. Very cute dogs. Take a good rest. :)

  2. I have several brugmansia and they look good through most of the year until they get hit by the first frost. Then they look pretty sad. But I should be seeing some green on them any day now. So on this IKYBDII, my brugs get to live on!

  3. @Rezalineo, thanks, I need it!
    @Mark and Gaz, thanks!
    @dorothy, I do like Brugs, mine was just not the right plant for that spot. I'm happy they grow for you!

  4. Don't worry Hoov, those puppies will calm down in a couple of years..

  5. @ks, Hoover slowed down at 15. I have a while yet.


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