No, they are not here yet.  Soon.  Very soon!  White Girl and Blue Boy.  

Names!  What do you think?

Nick and Nora
Luke and Leia
Boris and Natasha
Milo and Maris
Ken and Barbie?  
Ken and Barbie?  Okay, maybe not Ken and Barbie.  It might end up being Blue Boy and White Girl forever.  Though going out in public yelling "White Girl!  White Girl!" might be kind of...hmm...I spoke with the breeder.  Her nickname for Blue Boy is "Mr. Snuggles".  Her nickname for White Girl is "The One From Hell".  Ah.  This may be interesting. 

White Girl:

Blue Boy  (photo from Wikpedia (link))

No, not that Blue Boy.  This one.  Mr. Snuggles:


  1. Boris and Natasha made me laugh aloud, so there's my vote. I like Nick and Nora, too, but you may end up with a bonus terrier (terrier? Was Asta a terrier?) if you go in that direction...

  2. Asta in the book was a Miniature Schnauzer. In the movie, Asta was played by a wire-haired Fox Terrier. Yes, I'm a Thin Man and Bullwinkle fan) :)

  3. Adorable puppies.

    Moose and Squirrel!

    How about Will and Ariel (Durant)? Abelard and Heloise? Then you could nickname them Lard and Hell.

    Around these parts, names tend to metamorphose. My brother had a gorgeous Persian kitten that he named Daktari. Within a month, the cat's name was Buddrick. He was a buddrick, pure and simple. Every pet I have ever had has come pre-named, which is how I ended up with Sam the Dog and Sam the Cat.

  4. Buddrick, I do not know the cultural reference?

    Yes they do end up with a variety of names over their lives. Hoover's name for a long time was "B-tthead", a name I have no doubt he would have been proud of had he known the meaning. For his last year, he was "Grandpa". Whatever the name, always loved!

  5. No cultural reference, hoovb, it was an onomonopia, I suppose. Nice to see the pups are home.


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