Before The Rain Arrived

Before the rain arrived, I hobbled around the garden a bit to enjoy it as much as I could, before the rain ruined all the many roses in bloom.  The ruination is okay.  I can be miserable about it, or I can be grateful for the rain, and happy.  I choose gratitude.  Gratitude for the many blooms on 'Golden Celebration':
Golden Celebration
Gratitude for the single bloom on 'Old Port':
Rosa 'Old Port'
And for another solitary flower on 'Veteran's Honor':
Rosa 'Veteran's Honor'
And grateful that despite all my efforts, I have not killed not yet killed my latest copy of Aloe polyphylla.  It was rootless and appeared to be near death, so a few months ago I stuck it on the back slope.  The other day I gave it a light tug, then a bit of a harder pull, and it appears to have re-rooted, at least enough to hold onto the slope.  Dare I be optimistic?
Aloe polyphylla
Many other things to be grateful for, not just the rain.  
What are you grateful for on this beautiful Sunday morning?  Think of five things.  It will might make you happy. 


  1. that last photo is AWESOME! I'm thankful for viewing it. I'm thankful for friends on the internet, my health, my family and God's blessings. Have a great Sunday Hoov-o.

  2. Your five photos made me happy. Love the way your puppies pose for a photo. They look so angelic.

  3. What Crystal said. You'd never know they were plotting their next dastardly deed...
    : )


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