The First 'Golden Celebration' of '12

A truly gorgeous rose.  Here in intense bright sun with sapphire sky as perfect contrast, looking bold and sassy:
 And after the sun has passed, leaving the flower in shade, reflective and thoughtful:
 Wonderful either way!


  1. Ah, what a beauty she is ...

  2. This 'Golden Celebration' Flower is just absolutely breathtakingly beautiful. Great photos, too. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I AM WAY JEALOUS! I have failed at growing roses year after year but get encouraged again when I see pics like this! Great shots!

  4. Love Golden Celebration. What a beauty. And, your picture is magnificent. One of the best of David Austin.

  5. @DANI, thanks!
    @Christina, thanks!
    @John M, you are the king of ornamental grasses--who needs roses when you have those beauties?
    @Andi, I agree, I think it is one of DA's very finest.


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