Puppies Again

What they do all day:


  1. There's clearly one instigator. I'm guessing it's Natasha am I right?

    I guess it's good that you have two of them or they'd be nipping and chasing YOU! lol

  2. You couldn't have thrown a few toilet paper rolls in there to make things interesting? ;-)

    Very cute!

  3. @Jackie, yes, Natasha is the little stinker!

    @Alan, as many rolls as you like, when you are here to sweep up! ;^)

  4. Unfortunately, I watched your video with the sound turned up, when my dog was in the room. He went ballistic, if you know what I mean. But I still enjoyed the video.

  5. Crystal, I played it for the puppies, and...no reaction. Glad you liked it, sorry your dog didn't. Guess he's not a fan of silly puppies in his house.


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